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Chapter 20 - Creation

The Vedic version of creation clearly explains step by step how it takes place and it is important to know at least the principal sequence. As you will see from the information given below, creation starts with the topmost spiritual planet, eternally manifested by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, and ends with the manifestation of the lower, material energy. In other words, the model is exactly the opposite of present day scientists who claim that everything comes from practically nothing and that consciousness is a product of matter. The Vedic view shows how this is illogical and it also transcends all other creation models put forward by different pious cultures.

1. The original spiritual planet, which resembles the whorl of a huge lotus flower, is called Goloka Vrndavana. It is the abode of Lord Krsna, the original Personality of Godhead.

2.This original planet, Goloka, throws off a spiritual ray of effulgence called brahmajyoti-which is the ultimate goal of the impersonalists.

3.Within this unlimited brahmajyoti there are unlimited numbers of spiritual planets, as there are innumerable numbers of material planets within the sun rays of the material universes. These spiritual planets are dominated by plenary expansions of Lord Krsna, and the inhabitants there are ever-liberated living beings. They have bodily features like the Lord and are full of bliss, knowledge and eternal. The Lord is known there as Narayana and the planets are known as Vaikunthas.

4. Sometimes a spiritual cloud overtakes a corner of the spiritual sky of brahmajyoti, and the covered portion is called the mahat-tattva. The Lord, then, by His portion as Maha-Visnu, lies down in the water within the mahat-tattva. This water is called the Causal Ocean (karana-jala).

5. As He sleeps within the Causal Ocean, innumerable universes are generated with His breathing. These floating universes are scattered all over the Causal Ocean. They stay during a breath of Maha-Visnu.

6. In each and every universal globe the same Maha-Visnu enters again as Garbodhakasayi Visnu and lies there on the Garbha Ocean on the serpentine Sesa incarnation. From his navel-abdomen sprouts a lotus stem, and on the lotus, Brahma, the Lord of the universe, is born. Brahma creates all living beings of different shapes in terms of desires within the universe. He also creates the sun, moon, and other demigods. Krsna further expands Himself as Ksirodakasayi Visnu, and enters everything--even into the minute atom.

7. The sun is situated almost in the center of each and every universe, and it distributes profuse light and heat all over the universe. There are millions and billions of suns in all the millions and billions of universes within the mahat-tattva. The suns and moons are required within the universes because they are dark by nature. The Vedas instruct us to go out of the dark universes and reach the glowing effulgence, the brahmajyoti.

The brahmajyoti is due to the illuminating Vaikuntha planets, which need no sun or moon or power of electricity.

The entire material creation is only 1/4 of the entire creation of Krsna....the spiritual sky accounts for the other 3/4.

The goal of our existence is to leave the material universe and again have association with the Lord in His spiritual universe, either on the Vaikuntha planets with Krsna's Narayana expansions or directly in Krsna's lila in the Supreme Abode, Goloka Vrndavana.

By following the instructions of Srila Prabhupada and the previous acaryas one can go back home, back to Godhead, Krsna.

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The Four Yugas
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