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Chapter 4 - Kitchen Standards

1) Always wear clean Vaisnava clothing and tilak when cooking

2) Wash hands and mouth after eating and before entering the kitchen.

3) Take a full shower after passing stool, before entering the kitchen.

4) Remember that the kitchen is considered an extension of the altar.

5) Do not lust over bhoga (unoffered food stuff)

6) Do not taste or smell bhoga and do not eat prasadam in kitchen.

7) If bhoga falls on the floor and touches someone's feet it cannot be offered.

8) Avoid prajalpa (nonsense talk) by all means while cooking. Better to listen
to a Prabhupada lecture or bhajan.

9) Cleaning the kitchen is extremely important and should be done constantly and thoroughly.

10) One should wash one's own eating plates outside of the kitchen. One should not eat out of any cookware used for cooking. All food should be transfered to containers.

11) The Deities should have Their own plates and no one should eat from them.
Their plates should be washed and dried before serving prasadam to anyone.

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